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NILD educational therapy is an individualized program of intense intervention designed to strengthen specific areas of vulnerability and improve the student's ability to process information and think independently.  Trained therapists provide students with two 80-minute sessions each week.  A variety of targeted techniques are utilized to address each student's individual learning profile as determined by a series of psycho-educational tests.

What is NILD therapy?

What do we believe?

Those who struggle to learn often feel like second-class citizens with little hope of ever overcoming the challenges they face.  Educational Therapists of the Carolinas recognizes that all people are created by God with a great propensity for growth and change.   We believe it is our mission as therapists to partner with students in developing the confidence and competence they need to achieve their fullest God-given potential.

 Developing Confidence and Competence in those who struggle to learn

Why NILD Educational Therapy Works

NILD Educational Therapy teaches students how to learn. Like physical therapy or speech therapy,
NILD Educational Therapy is an intervention that develops processing skills, academics, and cognitive abilities. These areas are strengthened to help students become independent life-long learners.
Students who have completed educational therapy demonstrate remarkable success. They become successful learners throughout their school years and expand their career opportunities and ability to have a positive impact on society and future generations.

Who we are:

Educational Therapists of the Carolinas (ETC) is an association of professionals who are dedicated to helping individuals who struggle to learn acquire the skills necessary to become successful life-long learners.   Our therapists are trained in the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) model of educational therapy.