Here are my observations on my student so far:
She is gaining strength in her reading fluency, comprehension, grammar skills, and penmanship. Tasks that used to frustrate her and take a long time are being completed more independently and with fewer errors. She is growing in confidence and getting her work done much more quickly. I believe that the NILD program has benefitted my student very much, and I would like to see several others in my class be able to be involved.
Classroom Teacher, Charlotte, NC

At the beginning of the school year I would dread doing homework with my daughter. She would come home every day and it would take at least an hour to finish her homework. After working with Mrs. B she has improved dramatically and has been incredibly successful in school. I would recommend Mrs. B. to anyone that has a child with a learning disability. The NILD/Discovery Program is great but Mrs. B. makes it amazing.
Parent, Charlotte, NC

I am so pleased at my daughter’s attitude toward math, which has been much more at ease this year.  She feels encouraged and comfortable with her accomplishments.
I also appreciate your very detailed and organized feedback when we have met for conferences!!  Thank you for all your help with her this year!
Parent, Charlotte, NC

Although our daughter has just been in the Discovery Program for a short period of time, we've seen a significant change in her attitude about homework. We have a routine when coming home from school so our daughter understands what needs to be done in the time allotted for homework.  We start off with the rhythmic writing exercise to help stimulate her and get her ready for her homework.  We see that what took two hours to accomplish is now taking around 30 minutes.  Her reading comprehension has improved and she is much more organized with her work folder, her desk at school, and at home. We are so glad that Covenant Classical School provides this program right on campus. Mrs. B. makes the class fun and exciting and our daughter enjoys her time she spends in her NILD class.
Parent, Charlotte, NC


My daughter has struggled throughout her academic life. Since she started NILD, I have witnessed my daughter be instilled with the will to learn and to “reach for the stars.”  She no longer feels incapable because of her disability.  This program has helped my daughter develop an understanding and acceptance of her self-worth and has encouraged her to continue striving to do her best in whatever she does.

Parent, Rock Hill, SC

We began our journey with NILD two years ago.  My son is held to very high standards and is expected to give nothing less than his best. He is encouraged to achieve not only
scholastically but also personally. I have been invited on several occasions to come and watch my child as he learns in therapy.  I have been brought to tears watching him move fluently through tough math problems. His grades and testing have exceeded, in some  cases, his expected learning level.  I am proud to see my seventh grader having grown from a quiet shy boy to a young man who advocates for himself.

Parent, Rock Hill, SC

My son has been diagnosed with dyslexia and auditory processing issues.  For many years we struggled to get the help we needed for him to become successful in his learning.  On our journey with our son we met many well-meaning people who wanted to help with different reading strategies and phonics programs, but none seemed to work for him.  Because you never outgrow dyslexia, we felt stuck.  Then we learned about the NILD program.  Our son began NILD therapies his sixth grade year of school.  At the time he was reading on a second to third grade reading level.  NILD has changed his life.  Through his therapies, he has continued to make progress every year.  I recently had the privilege to watch an NILD session of my sons.  I was amazed and it brought me to tears as I watched my son, who at one time could barely read, read words he had never read before!  I watched as he did a practice called “Rhythmic Writing.”  Here was a child with dyslexia and auditory processing issues that struggles with working memory.  During this process he was able to answer math problems quickly and correctly.  Through “Rhythmic Writing” I was amazed how the brain was able to process multiple things quickly and retrieve the information quickly!  My son is now in the ninth grade and has made amazing progress academically and socially.  He reads better than I ever dreamed he would and he has the necessary strategies to sound out college level vocabulary.  My son is dyslexic, he always will be, but with NILD he has been given the strategies to be successful in school and begin planning for college.  I highly recommend NILD taught by a trained therapist.  It has made all the difference in our lives!

Parent, Charlotte, NC

Save the Date!!
Spring 2022 ETC Meeting 
Saturday, April 2, 2022 
10am - 12 pm 

Christ Covenant Community Life Center
@ 800 Fullwood Ln, Matthews

It is the same address as the school,  800 Fullwood Ln, Matthews.  The difference will be that you enter using the 2nd entrance on Fullwood and drive to the building that is adjacent to the church with the outside tables. We will meet in the lower CLC.